Errata for the book "Images of America: Monmouth Council Boy Scouts"

Images of America: Monmouth Council Boy Scouts

Corrections and Additions

Updated November 10, 2005

  • Page 7, note these additions to the list of camps:
    • Scout Farm Camp, Red Bank, 1917
    • Camp Joy, Lakewood, 1930s
    • Camp Derrick, Jamesburg, 1921-1970s
    • Camp Burton-at-Allaire was used on a limited basis until about 1942
  • Page 14, top, line 8, change "Randolph Hearst's" to "William Randolph Hearst's".
  • Page 24, top, line 3, change "jamborees" to "jamboree".
  • Page 71, top, line 3, change "the early 1960s" to "1962".
  • Page 72, bottom, the range officer pictured on the right was John Kern. [Correction provided by Ed Semple.]
  • Page 77 bottom, the man at left is Cliff Fronapfel, and the boy 2nd from left is Ed Fish.
  • Page 73, line 13. change "the fair and the camporee" to "the show and the camporee"
  • Page 85, top, line 1, change "1964" to "1950".
  • Page 98, Troop 128, Middletown, was also deeply involved in the development of the Battle of Monmouth trail, and they are also pictured in the trail dedication picture. The scoutmaster of T. 128 was Roy Bradbury. [Correction provided by Spencer Morasch.]
  • Page 104, top, the Cub pack illustrated was from Derby, CT.
  • Page 110, top, line 1, change "An Explorer band" to "The Explorer drum and bugle corps from the New Jersey State Home for Boys at Jamesburg".
  • Page 117, line 32, add "NE-IV-8 (Schiff, 1975)" after "(Forestburg, 1969)".