exterior of the building

The New Jersey Scout Museum is located on the second floor of the new Monmouth Council service center.

Coincidentally, it is just 14 miles from the site of the former Johnston Historical Museum that was located in North Brunswick, NJ when the BSA's national office was in NJ. That museum is now known as the National Scouting Museum.


This new 2008 display case highlights memorabilia the Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA). It contains badges back to 1913, rank badges, activity badges, representative patches for each of the dozens of predecessor GS Councils who are now organized into four present day Girl Scout Councils.


Eisner uniform on a mannequin

An example of the 1911 Boy Scout uniform. These were made by the Sigmund Eisner Co. in their factory in Red Bank, NJ. Eisner was the exclusive National Outfitter for the BSA until 1932. His company also made uniforms for Girl Scouts, the US military, telegraph operators, chauffers, etc. The original Boy Scout uniform was very similar in style to the WWI "doughboy" uniform.

Visiting Cub Scouts always get a kick out of his smiling demeanor, and want to know his name (he does not have one).

Older visitors will note that the too-large uniform is reminiscent of Norman Rockwell's famous painting "Can't Wait".

Sea Scouts/Explorers

This case features items relating to Sea Scouts and Sea Explorers. With the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Delaware River on the west, New Jersey has a long coastline. So it should come as no surprise that the Sea Scout / Sea Explorer programs have a long history here.

After this picture was taken, a vintage Mariner uniform was added to the display. The Mariners are the Girl Scout's equivalent of Sea Scouts. The Mariner emblem is the trefoil superimposed on a ship's wheel.

Burket patch blanket

This patch blanket was made by Bill Burket, the former scoutmaster of Troop 136 in Union Beach, NJ. His troop created many of the philatelic covers issued for Monmouth Council scout shows and other events. He also was one of the prime figures in the creation of the Battle of Monmouth Historic Trail. Bill has been a Scouting collector and historian for many years, and helped the Museum get started. This blanket showcases patches and medals from the many summer camps, historic trails, camporees, and other events which his troop has enjoyed. Note the treasured "FIRST PLACE" ribbon from the 1975 West Point Camporee. [This blanket has been removed from display (to return it to Bill) and has been replaced by a different blanket.]

Tallman patch blanket 1

This is one of 4 patch blankets on display. This one was made by Sandy Tallman, who used the nickname "The Pine Tree Trader." Sandy traded patches extensively by mail and in-person at NOACs and other scout events. He was the first historian for Na Tsi Hi lodge, and held a Life membership in the lodge. The patches on his blankets came from his trading supply, so they hail from every part of the USA as well as several other countries.

The Treasures page features another of his patch blankets.

Eisner 1929 album

This former Sheaffer's candy case displays the 1929 World Jamboree photo album which belonged to the Sigmund Eisner Co. This album has been digitally scanned and a CD-ROM containing all the photos is available for purchase from the Museum Shop.


This display case highlights memorabilia of Schiff Scout Reservation, the former national training center for the BSA located in Mendham, NJ. The property was sold to AT&T when the national office moved to Texas, and later some homes were built on part of the former reservation. Many people fondly recall attending Wood Badge, National Junior Leader Training Camp, National Educational Institute (NEI), or another training course at Schiff. They will be glad to know that 310 of the 500 acres has not been developed, and is open to the public as a nature preserve. The old mansion is still there too, though it is now a private residence.

At first glance, the knapsack on the wooden frame appears to be a standard BSA pack, but in fact it is a special edition "training" model with a Schiff tulip leaf factory logo on the backside (not visible in this picture) as well as the Schiff logo hand-painted on the flap